Arcane Powers
Humans form about fifteen percent of the total population of the Vaustian Republic.  Humans are most highly concentrated on the western half of the berg of Elarin, including the city of Arkebis, making about seventy percent of its population.

The majority of humans arrived in the Vaustian Republic as refugees during a war now known as the Nykos Conflict.  During the Nykos Conflict, a large army from the embattled Nykos government was assigned to occupy the rebellious berg of Banneld.  The occupation lasted for almost two decades, largely forgotten as the Nykos government's attention was drawn by even larger threats.  Over years of occupation many Nykos soldiers began families with Banneld citizens.  In turn some Banneld citizens enlisted with the Nykos army.  In time, the Nykos soldiers began to more strongly identify with Banneld citizens than the Nykos government.

After seventeen years of occupation, the leaders of both Banneld and the Nykos soldiers petitioned the Nykos government for independence.  The Nykos government, having lost much territory during the Nykos conflict was unwilling to grant the request but unable to suppress this new uprising.  Instead they delivered an ultimatum: anyone who did not wish to be a Nykos citizen could leave Banneld forever.  Any who did not leave would be crushed by a large army the Nykos government promised to send.  The ultimatum was a bluff, but it worked and a large portion of the Banneld citizens and former Nykos soldiers left their homes never to return.

After spending over a year searching for a new home, the people who now called themselves the Nykoban arrived at the Vaustian Cluster and settled on the western half of Elarin.  This event is now known as the Nykoban Immigration and is considered to be the third major cultural immigration to the Vaustian Cluster.

The people who call themselves Nykoban are primarily, but not exclusively human.  Many who became Nykoban were originally soldiers, recruited from a variety of places.  Because of this, Nykoban humans display a wide variety of hair colors, eye colors and skin tones.
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Latest News:  "Expected Difficulties" is now available in hardcopy! 8 5 2016