Ralin are one of the six most populous races that occupy the Vaustian Republic
They are most concentrated on the berg of Beowitz, the land once held by the Ralin kings during the United Vaustian Monarchy. 

Ralin are of slimmer builds than humans, and usually about a foot shorter.  Skin tones range from pale orange to red.  Most individuals have hair that is slightly darker than their skin color.  Skin tones tend to darken with age, becoming
almost black in the truly elderly.  With good medical care, Ralin can expect to live an average of ninety years.

Ralin historically practiced a shamanic tradition.  These traditions are still widely practiced, though they have been modified for modern times.  A shaman, called a Ralinadane, presides over a neighborhood or community acting as a spiritual adviser to the Ralin living within his or her area.  The Ralinadane provides advice, blessings, and mediates disputes.  The Ralinadane also presides over cultural ceremonies, including the naming of children, funerals, weddings and coming of age rituals.  The most important duty of the Ralinadane is to speak with nature and ancestor spirits, ensuring their happiness and asking them for advice.  In dire times, Ralinadane can levy punishments against those who harm their communities.  These punishments can come in the form of powerful curses or the stripping of honorary titles.

Ralin have strict naming conventions.  Males have names containing two syllables while women have names containing three.  There are a myriad of honorific syllables which Ralin add to their names throughout life.  For example, the syllable Sen is added to the name of anyone who shows bravery in defending another's life.  Because some names can become very long, honorifics are usually only used in formal settings. 
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