An introductory short story to
Under the Nine Suns
Kalrin Vallis, Kal to his friends, is an agent for the steadfast Aleph Association and practicioner of the arcane art of Attunement.  He's been assigned to protect Naldeen Drogan, a prestigious academic whose noteworthy accomplishments are tainted by accusations of corruption.  Drogan is on his way to meet Ayget Rulfin, a merchant with a shrouded past who deals in rare and valuable goods.  It's up to Kal to see that the meeting goes smoothly, and mosre importantly to ensure Drogan survives the day.  But a million things could go wrong.  Drogan has enemeis and the city has dangers of its own.  Is Kal ready for them all?
Book 1 Mechanical Dreams
Expected Difficulties
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"Second Chances" is available online!
Latest News:  "Second Chances" is available online!  7 8 2016
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