Aleph Association
The Aleph Association was formed over two hundred years ago during a time of
political upheaval to protect the rights of Attunweiyld.  Emperor Na'Tier, leader of the United Vaustian Monarchy at the time, had declared Attunement illegal for all but his family and their personal retainers.  Those found practicing attunement outside these bounds were either jailed or executed. 

The five original founders of the Aleph Association vowed to protect each other and their families from persecution.  They attempted to change the Emperor's policies through the courts and by protest.  When this failed, they formed an underground railroad.  Like minded individuals flocked to their cause, eventually smuggling thousands of attunweiyld to safety and finally staging a rebellion that unseated Emperor Na'Tier. 

After the rebellion, the Aleph Association adapted with the times, inviting groups other than attunweiyld to join their ranks.  These groups included several faiths,
dorser surgeons, helice forgers and alcon founders.  They have stayed true to their original principles by offering services to their members, including legal representation, bodyguards, private investigation and training, to name a few.  Members are asked to pay their dues on time, offer assistance to other members when asked, and to mind their own business the rest of the time.

The Aleph Association employs agents to perform the services they offer.  Agents are trained in attunement, as well as combat, investigation and negotiation techniques.  Some notable agents include Kalrin Vallis, Hermis 'Smudge' Lentmen, Rena Kulmain and Aven Va Mori-Geis.
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"Expected Difficulties" is now available in hardcopy! 8/5/2016
Latest News:  "Expected Difficulties" is now available in hardcopy! 8 5 2016