Church of Ulmanos
The Church of Ulmanos is a prominent faith that has members and chapels
throughout the Vaustian Republic.

Though the church is popular in the republic, it originated on the distant berg
of Glethavein, from where it was spread by missionaries.  It was first established in the Vaustian Republic almost eight hundred years ago.

Members of the church worship the God Ulm and the Goddess Anos.  Members
show their faith by attending sermons, paying tithes and performing religious ceremonies.  Central to their beliefs is a scripture called 'The Book of Virtues.'  The book details the twelve virtues that are considered the most important to Ulmanos.  Members are expected to live in such a way as to exemplify the Twelve Virtues.

While some priests maintain temples and churches, others are expected to live in the world, showing how to live the Twelve Virtues by example.  As the church is older than most of the previous governments, many look to it as a mark of stability. 
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