Dorser Surgeon
Dorser surgeons practice a form of medicine that uses small creatures called dorses to heal people.

Dorses are small symbiotic insect like creatures that are bred to react with people's bodies.  Some are useful for diagnosis.  For example, one species of dorse turns deep red when exposed to the blood of an individual infected with influenza.  Others produce and release chemicals that fight disease or promote healing.  Others can be used to augment an individual's body, making him or her stronger, heal faster or even grow custom organs if the dorser surgeon is skilled enough.

Dorser surgeons have existed for centuries, all the while trading knowledge to improve their skills.  Most dorser surgeons also use conventional medical techniques as well as dorses. 

Dorses are difficult to breed and maintain, and much of a dorser surgeon's skill is measured in how well he can manage his or her dorses.

The dorser surgeon community is tight knit, some even consider their fellow practitioners to be extended family.  Surgeons often help each other with difficult cases, trading knowledge and dorses.  Surgeons also watch each other's backs.  Anyone who cheats or abuses a dorser surgeon may quickly find himself blacklisted by every other surgeon in the area.
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Dorser Surgery
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