The Nine Suns
The many worlds are orbited by a group of large celestial bodies called the nine suns.

The nine suns provide heat and light to the many worlds.  While there are nine,
only one is usually visible in the sky at a time.

The nine suns also produce a form of arcane energy known as weiyld.  Weiyld
is normally invisible, but arcane disciplines such as attunement and helice forging make use of it.  Each of the nine suns produces a unique type of weiyld that creates different effects when used.

Travelling near to one of the nine suns by cloud cruiser is possible, but powerful weiyld storms surround each sun.  No ship has ever successfully landed on one of the suns.  Because of this, much of the suns' nature remains a mystery.

Despite this, or perhaps because of it, the nature of the suns is often debated by scientists and philosophers alike.  Some argue that they are a creation, or even manifestations of the Gods while others argue that they are simply natural phenomena.
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The Nine Suns
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Latest News:  "Expected Difficulties" is now available in hardcopy! 8 5 2016