Sea of Clouds
The Sea of Clouds is a vast airy expanse.  Land masses, called bergs or cays hang
suspended within the Sea of Clouds.  Cities and nations are built upon the
surfaces of the bergs and cays. These floating land masses are collectively known
as the many worlds.  The air within the Sea of Clouds is usually safe to breath.

The Sea of Clouds is roughly spherical in shape, with bergs and cays dotting it throughout.

At the center of the Sea of Clouds is a firey sphere called the Furnace.  The Furnace provides heat, light and produces magma like matter that eventually forms into new bergs and cays.

The Sea of Clouds is orbited by the Nine Suns.  Usually, only one sun is visible in
the sky at any one time. 

While the Sea of Clouds is mostly air, it isn't empty.  In between the many worlds are vast fog banks, flying creatures, hardened alch deposits and massive storms.  People travel the Sea of Clouds using Cloud Cruisers.  Though travel is common, the Sea of Clouds is so large that it is widely believed that no one has explored the whole of it.
Sea of Clouds
Bergs and Cays
The Nine Suns
Vaustian Cluster
Arcane Powers
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Latest News:  "Expected Difficulties" is now available in hardcopy! 8 5 2016